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If you want or need to know what’s going on in the New Zealand travel industry, subscribing to The ‘News Breaker’ is a must. It is now FREE to all travel retailers.

Travel Today breaks more news stories than any other local travel industry trade publication… consistently.


Its editorial content is not just a collection of “cut-and-paste”, but rather the endeavours of professional staff journalists. We go looking for the news, and don’t wait for it to come to us as a common press release.

Travel Today follows in Tabs on Travel’s footsteps and continues to be required reading for retail consultants… and in fact the whole New Zealand travel industry.

It is worth noting that pre-Covid, over 85% of Travel Today’s daily circulation was to paying subscribers. A totally-positive achievement in today’s “free” electronic environment, and one that can only reinforce the publication’s dominant market position.

Travel agents continue to tell us that Travel Today gives them their regular fix they cannot do without, and that continues this publisher’s 33-year “industry-bible” tradition.

Travel Today is now published three times weekly (Mon/Wed/Fri), apart from the Christmas holiday break.

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