Way back in 1987, our first issue of Tabs on Travel was launched on 02 Nov, just two weeks after the stockmarket crash. Fax machines were the current must-have, and MAARS was the latest technology in travel agencies.
The next big technology revolution was the internet and its e-mail co-star. And it was at this point that we at Tabs on Travel thought we had reached our use-by date . . . but the reality has been that nothing could have been further from the truth.
Travel suppliers made the most of the ability to distribute information to travel agents by using free e-mails, but it did not take long before all those ‘free’ e-mails bombarded agents – a massive overload that quickly had a very negative effect. The problem then was that agents began deleting most of these e-mails . . . unopened.

Tabs on Travel’s proven, short, and to-the-point editorial format over two decades was just one of the factors that made it the undisputed leader in New Zealand’s travel industry trade press for so long, according to market research over several years. Travel Today, which started in 2002, has carried on that tradition with even more immediacy, cementing its position as the leading commentator on the New Zealand travel industry. Our understanding of the industry, our numerous contacts and our strong news-based editorial policies are unrivalled features we are very proud of.
The printed weekly Tabs on Travel was merged with the daily Travel Today late 2008, and the latter has taken over the role as New Zealand’s leading and most influential travel industry trade publication from its printed sister publication.

Tabs on Travel Ltd is more than just a trade press publisher. We are a communications company that specialises in the travel industry. This company is also able to offer a unique e-mail broadcast service covering the whole New Zealand travel industry. As far as we are aware, our e-mail list is the only commercially-available, targeted list in existence, and our clever database enables customised broadcasts by geographic region, by retail chain, or by market sector, or any combination of all three; in either html or pdf formats.

For over 20 years, Tabs on Travel distributed ‘old fashioned’ paper flyers and brochures every week, and our t-mail e-mail broadcast product also carries on the tradition in the electronic age.
Our RSVP product provides the industry with a facility to not only process agent registrations for trade events, but it also enable travel suppliers to get feedback to basic research-type questions. For both registration and ‘feedback’ functions, the client receives a spreadsheet file containing all the information details requested in the distributed document.